Spirit Night at Davenport’s Daily Delights!

DAVENPORT’S DAILY DELIGHTS WEEKLY MENU NOV. 7-10 We’ve moved to Your Pro Kitchen, 5224 S. Dale Mabry Highway, Tampa FL. This will also be one option as a pickup location for the South Tampa families if you decide delivery isn’t for you. The pickup times at this location are 4-6;!5 p.m. We’ve also worked out Art Monkey pickup with the new owners for the Fishhawk pickup location. This is located at 16144 Churchview Drive, Lithia in the center of Park Square. The pickup times at Art Monkey will remain the same at 4-7 p.m. We will still be offering delivery to everyone. The delivery fee is $5.00 per day, and the delivery drivers receive the full $5.00 fee so there should be no incremental fees other than that. They’ll of course NEVER say no to a tip, and if you’re happy with their service it’s a nice thank you to them! 🙂
We’re continuing with the Google Forms and we worked out the kinks from last week. You will receive an email confirmation from here on out. I’m also asking for one more week to just repost here what you got. I absolutely have to triple check this due to Thursday’s mishaps! I’ll always describe the dish to you here, and then at the bottom of the description is the google form. You must fill the form out in order for me to be able to receive your orders. Please fill the form out completely, and fill it out by 8 p.m. the NIGHT BEFORE you want to order. Everything is changing on my end so I’ll be getting up super early, printing the form for that days meals, shopping in the wee hours of the morning and then going to the kitchen to cook. So I don’t have the options to add to the forms, etc. Thank you for understanding. And now as a refresher, here’s how this works:
1. Check out the weekly menu and pick the day or days you want to order.
2. Choose a half or a full order (half feeds 2 and is $16 and a full feeds 4 and is $30) Whole 30 orders are $19 for a half and $36 for a full.
3. We post our menu weekly usually on Saturday or Sunday and you have until 8 p. m. the NIGHT before the day you want to order. You don’t have to order everything at once, although most people do to keep themselves straight.
4. We offer vegetarian, comfort, family favorites and Whole 30 options. Whole 30 meals are GF, dairy free, sugar free and contain no soy. And they’re delicious!
5. Fill out the google form, sit back, and know that you’ll be getting a ready to reheat and eat a delicious, healthy, and homemade meal. And you won’t have dishes to do! Thanks.
I hope you’ll give us a try. We are passionate about what we do, and will always strive to bring the healthiest and best food to you and your families. But just remember, life goes by REALLY fast. Take the time to sit down and enjoy a meal with your family and friends, or take care of yourself and eat great food. We love you all and thank you for sticking with us.


Thursday, November 10 MOST REQUESTED HIBACHI CHICKEN OR STEAK with all the trimmings! Everyone LOVES this dish. You’ll get the full monty: Fried Rice, Protein of choice, Hibachi veggies (zucchini, onions, mushrooms, bean sprouts) and homemade Yum Yum sauce. This is a true feast. You cannot beat the price either! Extras offered as well: Steakhouse Salad, Steakhouse Shrimp Appetizer, and Steakhouse Miso Soup – $6.00 for a half order, $12.00 for a full order. Recreate the experience at home!!

Whole 30 Massaged Kale Salad with cherries, pistachios, and flank steak. Another great option that I think we will all love!


Weekly Meals for busy families!